Search Engine Optimization

The Google-bot is looking for you!

Well your web site actually. You may not know it but Google has thousands of "bots" or "spiders" crawling the internet day and night, examining millions of pages and deciding what the page is about, how relevant it is, and how important is may be compared to other sites about the same subject.

The big question is, what does the Google see when he crawls across your site?

After examining what you've put out there it sends a snapshot of your site with it's final judgment off to a huge memory bank in some big building somewhere where the information sits until someone searches your keywords, or whatever words it decided were the most important on your site. Then the ranking it gave you determines if you turn up on page one or page one thousand.

So the big question is, what does the Google-bot see when he crawls across your site?

If your site is primarily flash based it may see almost nothing at all. Depending on your wording it may think you site is about something entirely different then what you had in mind. It also looks for how many people link to your site from theirs. Depending on who your friends are it may decide your site is more relevant than the competition

Search engine optimization (SEO) it tricky business. Basically you are trying to make you site clear, easy to read, and important looking to the search engine. The problem is, after you do that, it's all in the search engines hands. A big part of where you rank will have to do with who your competition is and how well connected you are. Anyone who promises to get you to the top of page one is a scam. You cannot promise that. Ultimately that is out of your hands.

The search engines have done a lot to make it hard to artificially manipulate the results. There are a number of techniques out there that people will claim are a "magic trick to get you to page one". The majority of these are called "black hat" techniques, don't really work anyway and are against Google's terms of use policy. If Google catches you employing a black hat technique (or someone turns you in) get banned from their search engine, which is a very bad thing.

So what can I do to help move you up the rankings? I can build a number of features into your site that will communicate clearly to the Google-Bot what your site is all about and make it more appealing. I will also help you take advantage of off-site resources and business connections you may already have.

Remember: a web page is no good if your clients can't find it, and it wont show up on a search if the Google-Bot can't read it.

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